birch; a symbol of new beginnings, renewal, protection.



I have to say that an interesting contrast between Danny and Carmilla is that Danny feels this pressing urge to protect Laura at the expense of the other girl’s agency.  She tries to be the hero for Laura,grabbing a stake and taking matter into her own hands when a “murderous” vampire is in the other girl’s midst.  

But when Carmilla sees Laura in trouble she is protective but in a way so that the other girl can fight first.  When Will was trying to kidnap Laura, Carmilla sat back and waited when Laura seemed like she had the upper hand and only intervened when it was clear Laura couldn’t do anything.  Carmilla even says that Laura should try taking a shot at the super scary monstrous dean because she thinks the other girl can handle it.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is Danny is like the white knight trying to rescue the damsel in distress.  But I don’t think Laura wants to be the damsel.  She wants to do some rescuing of her own.  She’s a badass in her own right and I hope Laura and Danny get to talk about that.  Because I love Danny but her overbearing need to protect can be problematic.    

YES!! Carmilla’s overprotectiveness is like “Do your thing but if they hurt you i will kill them” wherein danny’s is like “ill protect you! ill protect you wherever you go!!”

and i think its really interesting because we get to see who knows laura more. Carmilla knows how strong Laura is, and what shes capable of doing only by their brief encounters in their room. It just shows how smitten she is for laura.

Laura and Danny may spend time together but it was really Carmilla who was paying attention to Laura from the start.


the one true gay icon

all work & no play (let me count the bruises)


[carmilla’s birthday, angst, fluff. carmilla x laura.]


all work & no play (let me count the bruises)


only bad people live to see/ their likeness set in stone/ what does that make me?
—lorde, ‘still sane’


She’s acting especially apathetic and miserable today, not that you should care, but you, unfortunately, do—more every day, which is even worse.

Currently she’s sprawled on her bed facedown in leggings and an oversized flannel. Other than one of the fingers on her left hand pressing out a little rhythm on the side of her mattress, you’d probably think she was dead.

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I can’t trust people who sleep with bras on